Desserts, Food

Ice Cream Sandwich Turtle Dessert

Y'all stop what you are doing. I have a dessert that you literally MUST make as soon as possible! An ice cream sandwich turtle dessert is the perfect summertime treat to share with friends and family, if not just by yourself. The combination of ice cream sandwiches, toasted pecans, cool whip, caramel sauce and hot… Continue reading Ice Cream Sandwich Turtle Dessert

Food, Main Dish

Roasted Shrimp

It's pretty obvious my love affair with food, the simple and the complex. Gotta say though, a girl does enjoy a meal that is full of flavor yet super simple to prepare. Good food can be quick and easy. That my friends, can only be these roasted shrimp. During these hot and humid months, sweet… Continue reading Roasted Shrimp

Food, Sides/Salads

Parmesan Tomato Squash Bake

Years and years ago, hubs and I had the idea that HE would make dinner once a week. We didn't have kids yet and both worked long hours. Well friends, it lasted only once (ha!) but none the less, he did it. We had steak and a Parmesan tomato squash bake as our side. It… Continue reading Parmesan Tomato Squash Bake