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Shopping with Hadley Rae Boutique

Carrie and I have been talking recently about how we need new affordable and cute clothes. Both of us love everything Fall clothing wise that looks fantastic with boots and booties. Fall is such a fun time to layer clothing from plaid scarves, vests or putting on a cozy sweater. This need for new clothes made… Continue reading Shopping with Hadley Rae Boutique

Design, Style With Us

Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness can change anything so why not throw it around like confetti! February 12th till the 18th is National Random Acts of Kindness Week. Do you remember a time when someone gave you a compliment that put a pep in your step that day, someone brought you a loaf of bread just because or sent you a… Continue reading Random Acts of Kindness


Bacon and Spinach Quiche

Happy Saturday! I have a most delicious breakfast/brunch item you have got to make this weekend. Since Charlene Pratt shared this number, I'm not going tell you how many times I have made it. Might be a little disturbing, and hence why I'm out running all the time. I must say, this bacon and spinach quiche is fantastic!… Continue reading Bacon and Spinach Quiche