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Taco at Florinda’s

I can never have enough Tex-Mex! As the Pulitzer Prize winning food critic, Jonathon Gold, said “Tacos should be a verb”. I mean - Who doesn’t love to taco?! When we found out about a new Tex-Mex truck in Nashville, we knew we had to try it! Krista Wilson, owner of Florinda’s Cocina, made her first… Continue reading Taco at Florinda’s

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Ice Cream Sandwich Turtle Dessert

Y'all stop what you are doing. I have a dessert that you literally MUST make as soon as possible! An ice cream sandwich turtle dessert is the perfect summertime treat to share with friends and family, if not just by yourself. The combination of ice cream sandwiches, toasted pecans, cool whip, caramel sauce and hot… Continue reading Ice Cream Sandwich Turtle Dessert

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Corn, Black Bean and Feta Dip

A super yummy appetizer to enjoy by the pool, on the beach or just entertaining some of your favorites. Corn, black bean and feta will be the hit at any event! This dip is one that only gets better the longer it sits, so let it sit overnight for the best results. Happy eating! Enjoy!… Continue reading Corn, Black Bean and Feta Dip