Welcome to B. Perdy! We are thrilled to share our world with each of you! We are the best of friends who met when Carrie moved to Tennessee in 2014. It all began with a knock on the door, a plate of warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies and a new friendship for our children. We love laughing, shopping, eating and talking our way through life together! We share a strong adoration for our grandmothers who were both significant people in our lives. The name B. Perdy has a very special importance to us. The ‘B’ represents Lindsay’s grandmother Bobbie and ‘Perdy’ represents Carrie’s grandmother, Odessa’s nickname, given by her grandfather. This blog is all things about us, food, design and sharing the stories of women in our lives who have touched and inspired us and those around us, to be a better version of ourselves, yet brave enough to follow our dreams.

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