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Classic Waffles

My kids love waffles and were thrilled when they heard that was on the menu for breakfast. An easy and kid approved recipe is a win for me! Something great to serve on those busy weekday mornings, yet also a perfect way to start a fun filled weekend morning. My favorite way to enjoy this… Continue reading Classic Waffles


Blueberry Sauce

I am crazy over this blueberry sauce! The first time I made it was years ago and served it over pancakes. It is so versatile that it can be served in lots of different ways. This weekend I drizzled it over lemon cheesecake bars, but last week it was delicious served slightly warm and poured over… Continue reading Blueberry Sauce



Oh how I wish y'all could have tasted one of my Grandmother Moretz's sticky's. Just a little biscuit rolled up with cinnamon, sugar and butter. Very simple but oh so delicious! I haven't had a sticky in forever, and here I am, of course craving them. Both of my grandmothers were this incredible cooks and bakers. The food they… Continue reading Sticky’s