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Transitional Home Accessories

Carrie and I made a stop into Riverside Franklin after a lunch with my sweet mom at Puckett’s Grocery. Gosh those salads are so delish, y’all. I literally crave that strawberry field salad with grilled chicken. Mmm…Mmm… Back to home finds though.

We couldn’t wait to go to Riverside Franklin and catch up to hear about the store’s trip to AmericasMart Atlanta. We got to see new stunning light fixtures, sitting chairs, side tables, and statement lamps. There is much more to come too! Be sure to follow them on IG at riversidefranklin to see some of these as they hit the floor. These ladies are the sweetest. We always enjoy chatting with them just as much as looking at all their casual and elegant home decor.

We wanted to share some finds that were affordable and could mix with any style as well as transition into Spring! These items totally caught Carrie and I’s eye just to dress up any area like a bookshelf, mantle, spruce up a furniture piece, and so on.

First, this chic yet simple pottery pitcher piece which I added some pale green succulents to give it a pop of color. You could do magnolia leaves, tulips, baby breathe, cotton or even a mix. Riverside always has a great selection of fillers that are full looking and range in prices from under $8 to about $24.

Second, the farmhouse style cheese grater is something Carrie has been eyeing! Every time we see it time she will ask “how to use or style it”. There is so much versatility with this piece from just a simple candle sitting inside to what we did here with beautiful green filler to brighten it up for a simple look .

DSC_0470 (2)
Cheese Grater under $30 Green Filler sold separately at Riverside Franklin

Last, are these amazing prayer beads with a cross that store owner, Lynda, hand painted! They are the most gorgeous color. I could envision them wrapped around the neck of a large glass vase. We played with them and had them draped across a crate that I decorate with and it brightened up the crate giving it a new look. We also laid them across my Great-Grandmother’s old Bible that I keep out which made it more eye-catching in my opinion. It made you want to stop and look at the beads as well as appreciate the beauty of that old worn Bible. Simple but stunning. In each way it highlights the bead differently.


We will be going back into Riverside soon so I’ll keep you posted on what we find! Drop us a  comment if you want us to keep an eye out for a certain home décor piece or how to highlight a piece you have! Go to Riverside to check them out to be sure to mention B. Perdy!

Happy Shopping,


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