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Going into 2018 I had chosen a word to live by…stronger. Well, I never knew when I picked that word what was ahead of me. January is always a big month for me, six years ago on the 16th, the doctors found the mass in my pancreas (thankful for a clear check last week). But Monday, January 8th something else rocked my world. The whole week was a blur in all honesty. I only remember bits and pieces.

On that Monday morning, I was working solo in the office on the computer and then all of sudden I woke up laying down and it was past lunch time. I had no clue why I was laying down, why my throat hurt, or why my head was pounding. I wondered if I had passed out. I had enough sense to call my husband and tell him he needed to come home. Next thing I knew my kids were walking in the door from school, and then it is all a blur again and for good reason…I had an seizure. Unfortunately, right in front of my kids. My youngest, Chadwick who is 7, alerted my husband while my 10 year old son, Clark, stayed with me as I seized and watched it all unfold while holding his phone ready to call for an ambulance. I am literally crying as I type this… crying because I can’t imagine what they felt, and how proud of my boys I am for how brave they were that night.

When I was 9 years old I was diagnosed with epilepsy but thankfully mine had always been very controlled with medication. Therefore, my last seizure was 14 years ago when I was in college. So last Monday when I woke up, and I am in an ambulance strapped down to a stretcher with an IV in my left arm- I was so confused and trying to piece it all together. The next time I woke up I’m in the Emergency Room with my husband and my dear friend Carrie by my side with the Alabama/Georgia game on. A lot of that night is a blur but it is kinda funny that this football lover remembers seeing the National Championship on the TV. In all seriousness I am just giving thanks I’m safe and okay.

That word though STRONGER. I have epilepsy but epilepsy doesn’t own me! I could be quiet and just move forward but if you know me you know I have to act. I started researching ways I can raise awareness and how I can use this to bring something positive to light. So if you have epilepsy please know you are not alone! There are 2.7 million Americans with the same disorder. The struggle of cancer and seizures are just two pieces to my story but I am still standing because of my faith and my strength.

“When you face difficult times, know that challenges are not sent to destroy you. They’re sent to promote, increase and strengthen you”- unknown.

I decided to share this with all of you because with increasing my medication I also decided to change how I eat. In order to help reduce the risk of seizures the Keto Diet and the Modified Atkins Diet both have positive results. I know this won’t cure my epilepsy but I would like to be as healthy as possible without totally restricting everything from my diet. Y’all let me tell you in a little over one week I have already lost 10 pounds…10 pounds! As I explore eating cleaner and cutting the carbs we want to share with you some clean & delicious recipes we find. So raise a glass to a year of us all being stronger women!



2 thoughts on “Stronger”

  1. Just read your post and I’m so proud of you for telling this story and remaining strong.. Your boys were champs that day for you! It takes a lot of courage to share this but I’m sure it will give others courage because of what you have been through. I know Charlton will remain strong for you too. Exciting to lose weight and feel you are making positive strides to be healthier.
    “I can do all things in him who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13


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