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New Year, New Arrangement

A New Year means taking down Christmas décor and putting back out my everyday decor. I was ready to take Christmas all down but I knew that my house would be feeling empty. So my first thought was ‘what do I need to buy for the house’ but instead of going and buying a bunch of stuff to fill the voids I decided it was better to make an arrangement. If you know me you know I love to make arrangements. So, I decided to hold onto a few ornaments and amazing gold speckled magnolia leaves off my Christmas tree to create a winter look at my entry way in my rod iron pot from Riverside Franklin. It didn’t take long to throw this together either… maybe 15 minutes tops!

Here is what I used:
Burlap from Riverside 
• A ring of greenery from Riverside
• Birchwood from Riverside
• 2 glittered pinecone ornaments from Riverside
• 2 burlap and glittered ornament from Riverside
• A few thin wood sticks from Hobby Lobby years ago
• A couple of magnolia stems from Kirkland’s

This full, warm, wintery arrangement in my entryway is the perfect arrangement with all this cold weather without feeling like I still have my Christmas décor in my house. Now if it would just snow it would really look like winter not just feel like winter. My next project is my dining room table centerpiece while I wait for my new living room furniture to come in! Those posts will be coming as I finish them too!
Show me what looks you have created for winter décor or if you try one similar to this!

Happy 2018!!


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