The New You

Happy New Year! It’s a new year, a new you and a new me. Every January I think about what are some new resolutions and goals I am going to set in motion for myself. But typically as we hit the middle of the month, or maybe I’m doing really good and make it to February, I’m done. Over it. It’s terrible I know, but I’m just not a good ‘resolutioner’ (if that is even a word). What I am good at is coming up with ideas though!

So as the world around us B. Perdy girls is aiming to be healthier mentally and physically, we are taking a step back and thinking, “what can we do”? My foodie self loves sweets but I also love fresh, flavorful foods. Dishes that truly fill your tummy and not expand it. So for the month of January, my goal is to post some of those dishes that can hopefully help you, and us, commit to a healthier lifestyle. A healthier new you.

Getting into the kitchen should be fun and adventurous, not stressful. Don’t overthink it, and let your tastebuds lead you. We would love to know what your New Year food plans are, please do share. We can create and eat together, makes me hungry thinking about it. Let’s see what we can start cooking! Happy eating!

Enjoy! XO, Carrie




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