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Pie Pumpkin Centerpiece

Do you love those cute pie pumpkins you see at the grocery store? Here is a fun way to decorate with one and make it a great centerpiece for a table. It only will take you  about 10-15 minutes. It doesn’t take any special talent just a few items and you could throw an arrangement like this together!

All you need is:

  • 3 small squash pumpkins from Walmart at $0.98 each!
  • 2 vines of faux berries- the ones in this arrangement are from Riverside
  • 5-7 small pinecones
  • any deep decorative bowl- (We found this one in August at Zula and Mac)
  • a small block of wood or box- won’t be seen just need for height
  • a small roll of burlap- also ours is from Riverside
  • And a pie pumpkin with a great stem!

How to:

In the base of your empty bowl place your small block of wood/box to give to prop you pie pumpkin up. Once you have gotten it to a height desired you will begin to add your extras. I scrunched my burlap around the base then to add some texture. I used my whole small roll of burlap. You only need enough to fill in around your pie pumpkin. If your burlap is spilling over the top or covering up your pumpkin then take some out. Once your burlap is arranged then you will take both your vines of berries and wrap them loosely around the pumpkin where it looks balanced all the way around. You may need to intertwine them some depending on the length of your vines.  Now you will weave in your small squash pumpkins in the areas where you need to cover up vines showing or gaps. Lastly, place some small pinecones for added texture and break up the orange tones. Voila! A simple, natural centerpiece!

Happy Pumpkin Season!



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