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Edamame Salad

If you follow B. Perdy on Instagram you know we have a thing for salads. We are not picky, we like them all! I will say though, our current obsession has been this edamame salad. Packed full of proteins and veggies, it will satisfy anyone's taste buds, and leave them wanting more. Not going to… Continue reading Edamame Salad

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Mamaw’s Applesauce

What is it about food in the Fall that is so fun?! For Lindsay and I, as soon as there is a slight change in the air, we start thinking and planning what "Fall foods" we are going to be enjoying! No matter how many items are on that list, one that is at the… Continue reading Mamaw’s Applesauce

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S’mores Pie

My kids are slightly obsessed with making s'mores. One might think it is solely based upon the taste of those hot, caramelized, gooey delights, but honestly I think sometimes it is more about the process. The kids get so excited as they see their marshmallows become super toasty, right on the brink of being burnt.… Continue reading S’mores Pie