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Taco at Florinda’s

I can never have enough Tex-Mex! As the Pulitzer Prize winning food critic, Jonathon Gold, said “Tacos should be a verb”. I mean – Who doesn’t love to taco?!

When we found out about a new Tex-Mex truck in Nashville, we knew we had to try it! Krista Wilson, owner of Florinda’s Cocina, made her first debut and hit the streets of Nashville on April 12, 2017. Florinda’s food truck serves up only the freshest ingredients. It’s a must try y’all.

Krista wanted to be a chef as a young girl and her love for food never changed. She graduated with a Culinary Arts degree from Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island plus she has a Hospitality Management degree from Sullivan University in Kentucky. For the last 7 years, she has had her own catering company in right here in Music City called Delish where she is also the Executive Chef. She has been catering various events such as small business lunches to cocktail parties. Naturally this food lover stirred up the idea to try something different!

In January, Krista purchased a food truck and started working on making her vision come to life! She named the truck Florinda’s after her great-grandmother. She remembers sitting and making tamales in Florinda’s San Antonio kitchen as a young girl. Krista said “I will be on the truck every time this year” but when you visit her food truck there are also two other people hard at work with her to make this delicious food… Matt and Heather. These three keep Florinda’s Cocina rolling! Krista says they each have their own responsibilities on the truck to make it flow as seamlessly as possible. Matt works with the cold food, Heather is the greeter plus the computer tech, and Krista prepares the hot food. She said it has been so rewarding to be able to be home more and still cook for her family at home. So far she has already had her Aunt and Father join her on the truck to help serve people in the community but she looks forward to having her husband and son on the truck too! Krista said “this has been a big change…I’m working a lot but it is fun, hard work, and a lot of heavy lifting”.

Be sure to check out Florinda’s Cocina or reach out to Krista to come to your next event. If you don’t know what to order when you get to the window then here are some suggestions. If you want to try one of Krista’s great-grandmother Florinda’s recipes then order the enchiladas. These have cheese and onions with a flavorful chili gravy. This is my husband’s favorite! Another option is Krista’s favorite and my personal favorite as well which is the salad. It is insanely good with arugula, roasted corn, pepitas, tequila infused raisins accompanied by an orange vinaigrette. Seriously y’all this salad really has some amazing flavors that compliment each other so well. Krista said the best seller is the tacos which you can order beef, chicken or vegetarian. Don’t forget to try the chips and salsa too! Now my mouth is watering after thinking about this authentic Tex-Mex. I think I’m going to have to go ‘taco’ now.




Florinda’s Cocina Schedule

July 28th 7-10pm Red, White and Zoo @ Nashville Zoo

July 30th 11-2pm @ Elmington Park

August 3th 6-8pm @ Smith & Lentz Brewing Co.

August 12th 12-6pm Musicians Corner @ Centennial Park

August 13th 11-2pm @ Elmington Park

August 16th Night Market @ Nashville Farmers Market

August 21st 11-4pm Solar Eclipse Viewing Party @ Cheekwood





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