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Lindsay Jakubauskas

We loved chatting and laughing with Lindsay Jakubauskas, of Sidney Clark Designs. We met with her at The Coffee House at Second and Bridge in Franklin. Get to know this incredible, fun spirited gal here with these 8 questions to learn more about her and some of her favorites. Be sure to check out our post on Lindsay as well and the one of a kind pieces on the SCD online boutique!

Who inspires you? My husband, Chris.

What is your favorite food? Wine…I love all food but especially Mexican.

Who is someone you have loved meeting at market? At the New York City market we met the designer Yana K. She is a girl boss that is American made. I fell in love with her style! 

What are two things you would need with you on a trip? My Kindle because I love to read books that inspire me, nonfiction or motivational. I would also need a hair tie.

What are some books you have enjoyed? Eat, Pray, Love, The Girl on the Train and Crush It which is a motivational book. 

What are a few of your favorite lipstick colors? Revlon Orange Flip, Revlon Love That Red, and MAC Lady Danger.

What is your favorite mascara? Maybelline Lash Sensational

What is one of your favorite restaurants in New York City? ABC Kitchen



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