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A Day in Nashville

Carrie and I decided to take on Nashville last week.  We are lucky to live in this beautiful place that we call home. There were no plans, 4 kids in tow, one minivan, snacks packed and we were ready to see where the day took us. Carrie and I also said we were leaving at 10am and in true fashion for us we left at almost 11am. Here are the places we hit on our little adventure in Music City that has so much charm packed in.

  • Cumberland River– This almost 700 mile long river is a major waterway of the Southern US. The kids loved seeing the big barges and looking across to see the Nissan Stadium.
  • John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge– This bridges spans across the Cumberland River. The kids loved the bridge! Being able to look down at the Cumberland from up high and see the cool skyline of Nashville. This is a great way to enjoy the views of Nashville and a great place to snap some pictures.
  • Broadway– So much happening on this street and we only walked part of it due to the kids little legs being tired. During the day the streets are filled with business people, families and tourists. We got a priceless picture outside Wildhorse Saloon too despite our short time on Broadway!
  • Burger Up in 12 South– The kids were over the moon! We have never seen them so happy to eat lunch. They had every child’s staple from the kids menu- chicken fingers and fries. Carrie and I were thankful for a cold glass of iced tea too. We split the Taco Salad which both of us thought was DELICIOUS! A definite must try if you haven’t had it!
  • Sprinkles– Okay this Cupcake ATM was something I really wanted to try! It first started in Beverly Hills and now Nashville has the only one currently in the state of Tennessee. We ordered Sprinkle cupcakes for the littles and a Red Velvet, a best seller, which happens to be my favorite dessert. Neither of these flavors disappointed! They were delicious, with a generous amount of frosting that was perfection PLUS the concept is so fun!
  • Las Paletas– In 2001, Las Paletas was opened by two sisters who grew up in Mexico eating these tasty treats. We ordered 4 Watermelon and the kids played outside while eating them. It was a great treat on a hot day that truly tasted just like cold watermelon.
  • Sevier Park– This amazing park across the street from Las Paletas was the perfect end to our day to get out some energy. The beautiful, big trees shading part of the park were a pleasant spot to sit on a bench and watch the kids play.

We can’t wait to head out again with no plans and see where the day takes us. Nashville is the best town to live in with great people, amazing music, and so much to see. We love this city!






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