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1st Month of Going Paleo

I’m not a little behind… I’m majorly behind. I know in my last post I promised a follow up on my new lifestyle changes. I’m just now getting to post about my first whole month of going Paleo. I have been trying to convert my food habits to less sugar, less carbs, more protein, and more real foods. Getting healthy is a process and I’m trying have patience with my body in hopes to lose weight. Some days I am better at it than others. I have noticed changes but the number on the scale has not changed much. I went to the doctor for my follow up appointment a couple weeks ago. Of course I got to my appointment late (thinking I was on time) and had to wait till his next open time slot to get it. Nonetheless, he was pleased with my process.  I’m a work in progress and that is okay.

As I have made changes I have found motivation all around me. Some are sayings like “You are beautiful” or “Fear is a liar” and other things that have inspired me are hearing others peoples’ lifestyle changes they have made. These words of motivation, encouragement and stories help me stay focused on being the strongest me I can be. I love being inspired by others which is one reason why I love having this blog!

So here are some things that I have been changing! First, I dramatically cut back my Coke Zero intake. I am embarrassed and disgusted to even say how many I was drinking in a week span. Five years ago, I had given up my addiction to Diet Coke when I was diagnosed with cancer. Over the past year and a half they snuck back into my life. The first day of cutting them out I was pretty ill plus it happened to be a rough day in general. Breaking my bad habits made me feel very off. I did experience a day of caffeine headaches but that was it. The rest was just adjusting to not giving into the habit of drinking one! People were saying “I’m sure you miss your Coke Zero” but honestly I wasn’t. I didn’t miss the taste at all! The caffeine on certain days I did and still do. Especially as someone that doesn’t like coffee. Secondly, the big change was not having dairy. Honestly, it is still hard. I never realized how much dairy is a part of my life. What can I say I love it! It was weird for me to be eating so much protein from other sources without using any dairy but honestly my kids loved the recipes I was tossing together. Thirdly, I have had to be very intentional about eating more protein. I have never eaten enough protein to be honesly. With this being said I have always loved eggs either scrambled or hard boiled. This has been a lifesaver because I have been eating a lot of egg whites and some whole eggs. Avocados and bacon have also made their way onto my plate frequently too. Here is a tip if you are like me set a timer with a reminder to eat. Sounds silly but when I get busy I skip meals which is never pretty. I have also tried new recipes in the last month. I wanted to share with you all my favorite two recipes that I have tried! So the first one,  One Pan Shrimp and Veggies Bake, Carrie featured after I had her come over to try it with me. It was amazing! The other recipe is a One Pan Pesto Chicken and Veggies,  I loved it as a left over but my kids loved the day of and the day after! Both of these are super easy and quick recipes!

So with all the changes and new ways of preparing food I have seen some positive changes. The first great change I have seen has been my energy! Within the first few weeks I had 2 people say to me “you seem like you have so much more energy lately”. Another positive, I’m drinking more water which has been amazing for my skin and I do not feel bloated like I use too. I’m also sleeping so much better- unless my kids are waking me up.  Since making these food changes it doesn’t take me forever to fall asleep or wake up feeling like I never went to sleep to start with. With all this being said everyday has NOT been perfect. Some days I do great and some days I don’t but I keep trying to correct those weak moments or be better prepared so I don’t get into a predicament. If you are on a journey like me this is KEY! Don’t let one mess up throw you completely off course.

I did buy myself some new clothes which is always a treat! I got two new summer dresses. One solid white dress from Sidney Clark Designs and another light flowy dress from Philanthropy. I also got some new workout clothes from Calia by Carrie Underwood– which are my absolute favorite! These dresses and workout clothes were great treats to keep me encouraged about my slow but steady progress. I still get down when I try on clothing but I try to remind myself I’ve lost weight fast before and it always sneaks back on me faster and plus some extra pounds each time. As my Calia top says “Stay the Path”!



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