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Parmesan Tomato Squash Bake

Years and years ago, hubs and I had the idea that HE would make dinner once a week. We didn't have kids yet and both worked long hours. Well friends, it lasted only once (ha!) but none the less, he did it. We had steak and a Parmesan tomato squash bake as our side. It… Continue reading Parmesan Tomato Squash Bake

Food, Sides/Salads

Rene’s Coleslaw

It's officially summer in my house, and this crew couldn't be more excited! With the change in seasons, of course I'm thinking about summer foods. Rene's coleslaw, is a Paula Deen number, and friends it is quite tasty! It is the perfect addition to any BBQ/cookout! Happy eating! Enjoy! XO, Carrie   Recipe adapted from… Continue reading Rene’s Coleslaw

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Strawberry Pie

The season of strawberries is one of my favorites! This year, we went strawberry picking at Green Door Gourmet and came home with lots of sweet, ripe berries. The taste of a strawberry picked from a farm cannot compare to those from the grocery store. Great memories and full tummies were had by all that… Continue reading Strawberry Pie