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Christa’s Reminders of Home in NOLA

We all have things that remind us of where we grew up. It may be a picture, a piece of furniture, or simply a recipe. For Christa Gonzales, of Mardi Gras Parade Bands, she has several things that remind her of where she was raised in New Orleans. I’ve never personally been to New Orleans but after my conversation with Christa I now want to book a trip ASAP! When I think of New Orleans I think of homes filled with historic charm, shotgun houses, vibrant colors and remarkable architecture. I envision relaxing porches, music, and food. I can just imagine people enjoying a laid back way of life while appreciating the sights of the Spanish Moss, Resurrected Fern, and large Oak trees.

So when I asked Christa what her top 3 things that remind her of where she grew up she quickly listed off a few. She said these items had different spots within her Tennessee home that remind her New Orleans. She said one was a set of miniature Mardi Gras floats. She has 5 that were gifted to her by the Krewes of Mardi Gras. Another favorite is a piece of jewelry that she wears on birthdays and other special occasions. The jewelry is made by a local jeweler from New Orleans, Mignon Faget. Christa keeps this jewelry in a sweet velvet pouch. She said when she wears it that it reminds her of her Daddy. Her final favorite was a set of 6 Clay Originals’ wall plates. These are beautiful handcrafted and hand painted clay creations. Some of her Clay Originals include Pat O’briens, Ursaline Academy, Holy Rosary Church, Loyola University and Jesuit. The wall plates that Christa owns are all places within New Orleans that have meaning to her.

“There’s certain things in life that I love. One is architecture. And music, culture, food, people. New Orleans has all of that.” -Lenny Kravitz



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