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A New Lifestyle Change

In January, I shared my struggle with eating healthier and working out. I have yo-yo dieted too many times to count. I have done Weight Watchers, Beachbody, only eaten 700 calories a day, done spin classes for 2 hours a day, and worked with a nutritionist. I’ve never had a healthy relationship with food and working out. This year I said… it would be different! I tend to give others 150% of myself leaving me depleted to take care of my own body. This had to change so I could take care of me in order to serve those I love better. I have improved in the past three months working on fitting in the hour for a walk. I’ve done walks at the track, my neighborhood, walking to my kids sporting events, and so on. I’ve learned this is my time to listen to God and my time to clear my head. I’m learning to make it a priority for myself again which is hard for me. My next change is food.

Recently, I had a doctor appointment with my primary care doctor. With my past medical history of pancreatic cancer, I’m now finding myself itching closer to Type 2 diabetes. I only have half a pancreas after both of my surgeries plus I have a strong family history of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. After my first surgery though my doctors’ expected me to be diabetic. For now though, with my doctors’ help and me working at staying consistent we are trying to prevent it for as long as possible. Many things in my diet need to change even though I’ve already altered some. I have now decided to basically try to do new lifestyle change but slowly going towards a Paleo diet. This is not easy either I will be real. I love food and my friends love food.

I crave sugar a lot! I crave sugary drinks like sweet tea or coke zero and I crave that bag of chocolate on the candy aisle in the store. Sweets and dairy are going to be the hardest things for me to change! Thinking about craving sugar made me think of a conversation we had with nutritionist, Nan Allison, at Edgehill Café. She challenged us with the question of  “why are you craving sugar”. She stated very simply it is because you are not eating enough whole food. When you crave sweets you should look at what carbs and protein you had earlier in that meal. Nan’s go-to snack that she recommended was peanut butter with an apple, a handful of nuts, roasted edamame, or some trail mix. Next time you start craving sugar think about what Nan said. This is where food journals can be so beneficial in my opinion! You can make note of how you feel before and after meals as well as in between meals. I’m going to start keeping a consistent food log and will share after my next doctor appointment at the end of April. So far though with the activity changes I’m down 6 lbs. I am no where near being close to my goal but that is okay. I am embracing where I am right now and being proud of the amount I have lost so far.  This is easier said than done but I owe it to myself to be proud of each healthy change I make and pound I lose because I am getting closer I get to my goal. It is slow weight loss but that is the healthiest kind after all! As my tank top says today “Not wishing for it, working for it”!

If you have any tips on Paleo please share or a personal weight story I’d love to hear your journey as well. You are not alone!



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