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6 Days of Spring Cleaning

It’s Spring Break for my boys! My family has been making the best of it here in Nashville. During this break I decided to get some small Spring cleaning projects checked off my list. My amazing friend Erin mentioned I should write a post on my Spring cleanout since she has googled Spring checklists to help her get organized. For me getting these projects completed during my day can help me feel like I accomplished something. I haven’t wanted to devote a whole day to Spring cleaning because honestly it is hard for me to find a whole day that I don’t have stuff going on. Plus, I want to spend quality time with my kids during their break doing fun activities or just watching Sing on the couch at home with them eating a bowl of popcorn. Here are some easy projects you can squeeze into your busy schedules when you can’t block off a whole day.

Day 1: I spent almost 2 hours in the morning cleaning out my fridge while my boys were playing Legos and watching morning cartoons. I first tackled the refrigerator side clearing it out from top to bottom. I then scrubbed the inside of the shelves and drawers and also wiped them down with Clorox wipes. I went through the food and tossed items that had expired. Then I organized the shelves and door panel. Next, I did the freezer. I emptied it out and checked the expiration dates and arranged items in order of shelving of what we grab daily, things that need to be used in the next few months and so on. If you are curious like me how long certain foods can stay frozen here was a great link that helped me.

Day 2: I worked on changing out my interior entry décor and dining room table center piece and put my winter décor in the attic. When I was in the attic I cleared out my Spring décor tub. The stuff I didn’t use last year and wasn’t going to use this year I put in a bag to take to Goodwill. These are easy arrangements that I just used what I had and didn’t buy anything new. I also polished the base of my dining room table, chairs, vacuumed my dining room rug, and organized my buffet. This took me about two hours while my kids were at a playdate.

Day 3: I worked on my kids cabinet. This cabinet had cups that had been falling out on me when I opened it. I cleared it out and wiped out the shelves. The cups that were missing matching lids I put into a bag for Goodwill. I moved my couch and rug and vacuumed under those downstairs. This was the quickest job thus far taking about an hour.

Day 4: I cleaned out my junk drawer that drives me crazy. We all have them and they can get out of control quickly. This took me about an hour and half because I went through all the papers, loose change, checked pens and markers to see if they worked, and I even found an old antique ring! When I organized it I didn’t do anything fancy. I literally just cleaned it out and did some rearranging.

Day 5: I swept the closet out, cleaned the baseboards, and washed all the bath mats. This was pretty easy but the baseboards took the most time. For my baseboards I clean with a damp rag, use a magic eraser if I need to get marks off and then use a dryer sheet to go over with as well to remove any excess lint or dirt.

Day 6: I cleaned out the pantry wiping down the shelves. I do this about once every 3 months so it was a pretty quick task. I was able to finish in about 30 minutes all while I had an easy dinner in the oven before we headed out the door to baseball practice.

These are just a few of the Spring cleaning items I’ve tackled so far. I still plan to wipe down my plantation shutters, clean lampshades, clean under beds, go through medicine cabinet (checking expiration dates) and  clean make-up drawer.  I don’t plan to work on my closets just yet because in TN I still need to be prepared for 30 degree weather and 80 degree weather all in the same week. I will save that for later in April probably.  These cleaning projects are totally do-able tasks over a 6 day period without wearing yourself out in a day. Happy Cleaning!





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