For The Home

Fireplace Inspiration

I’m a sucker for a wood burning, brick fireplace. It takes me back to my childhood memories spent in my Mamaw and Papaw’s home. Everyone spent time relaxing near the fireplace. My Papaw was always sitting in the same chair watching a good ole’ Western movie with his pipe in hand. My Mamaw made sure that the coffee table always had a freshly filled candy dish. If my Mamaw wasn’t there she was in the kitchen cooking up a storm. When I met my husband’s father, Charlie, we went to his house which was an A-frame style house in Hendersonville, TN.  I gravitated to his wood burning fireplace and would typically sit right in front of it on the ledge. I rarely entered that home when a fire was not burning. Something about these memories bring back comfort, a sense of relaxation and happiness.

When Carrie and I went to interview Melissa Fitzgerald I was immediately drawn to her fireplace as well. It was the first thing I noticed besides her sweet black lab that I was in love with. Melissa had a cute window with a wreath hanging on it propped up on the mantle. It popped with the deep tones of the brick behind the white/cream tones in the window and wreath.

The weather is about to get cold and wet this weekend plus even a chance for snow after our unseasonably, warm weather.  So over the weekend I can be found on the couch with my fire going, good tv and a soft blanket. Pinterest has so many great ideas for rooms with fireplaces and how to decorate them but these are some that inspire me. Hope you find some inspiration too!



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