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Picture Walls

There is no doubt as women and mothers we take pride in our family. Evin Krehbiel, owner of Evin Photography, is a proud mom of three! Beyond motherhood she is an amazing photographer that loves capturing moments with families and couples in 30A and here in Nashville. Capturing the precious moments along with the beauty of the surroundings. Family pictures can be all sorts of crazy… wanting everyone to coordinate, capturing a certain feature, get a glimpse of the kids personalities,  and so on. I know anytime we have a good picture of our family, especially our kids, I want to display it! When I go in others homes I love seeing how they have photos displayed to give me new ideas.

We moved into our home about a year and a half ago. I have a couple big walls that I have left blank as I try to figure out how to showcase them the best. For one of the walls, I would love to do some amazing prints. I looked on Pinterest and found some great ideas and wanted to share them.

Large Staircase Wall:

Hallway Wall:

Bonus Room Wall:

Image via Pinterest

Canvas Walls:

B. Perdy Tip: If you are looking to have canvas prints made then make sure you check out Easy Canvas Prints for great deals!

What is your favorite way to display your families photos? I’d love to hear your favorite ways.




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