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Design with Color

“There are no absolute ‘rules’ to designing your home. If you like what you see… you’ve succeeded.”-Sabrina Soto

Tucked inside a neighborhood in Brentwood, TN there is a home filled with a multitude of colors and gorgeous wallpaper. It is bold. It is breathtaking. It is filled with classic pieces that have an updated twist!  This place is home to Natasha Stoneking. She is best known for Sugar Bit, her online children’s boutique, and Hello! Happiness, her lifestyle blog. Her home’s décor you cannot help but admire and she isn’t finished with it yet. Natasha says “I like to take risks” and her style risks have proved to be flawless!

Natasha had a vision for her dining room and her complete product surpassed what she dreamed. It is the first room you see when you walk in her front door. She wanted this room to make an impact. She wanted it to be a bold and eye catching.


This dining room is a show stopper for a few reasons. One- there is a piece of art by Erin McIntosh via Gregg Irby Gallery that stops you in your tracks! It is stunning. Erin McIntosh, artist and educator in Georgia, produces breathtaking abstract art with colors that are cheerful and shapes that intertwine yet compliment each other. Two- the contrast of the black and white, Queen of Spain, wallpaper behind this piece of art makes it pop! This wallpaper is by Schumacher which has a wide variety of eye-catching designs.  Third- there is the beauty of the settee in her dining room from Sprintz Furniture with custom fabric. It is one of Natasha’s favorite colors- green. There is a richness to it that brings another element to this room. Added bonus it is velvet which gives it even more character. Lastly, her set of four of mirrors on the wall are from Target that capture the amazing light off her chandelier and the window at the front of the room. I’m a lover of gold accents and I love how affordable yet unique these are. The dining room is stunning y’all! My words and pictures don’t do it justice in my opinion. Each piece is perfectly placed to best highlight it and allowing the room to flow as a whole!


Across from Natasha’s colorful dining room is her office. My favorite piece in this whole room was her chair! The chair was her grandmothers which she covered in beautiful fabric to give it new life and along with some new nail head. I’m a lover of nail head so that was just one thing I loved about this chair.  The unique contrast of the rich tone of the fabric and wood though totally spoke to me. This antique chair makes a statement. This is why I love old items! You can change these classic pieces and give them new life! Just as we evolve and grow; these older pieces do the same.



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