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Making the World a Little More Charming One Outfit at a Time

Author, Jay Danzie, said “Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark”. This quote perfectly describes Natasha Stoneking.

This bubbly Southern girl is a native Nashvillian. She is a wife, mother of 2 girls, full-time blogger of Hello! Happiness and owner of Sugar Bit. Natasha Stoneking is one smart, business savvy lady who lights up a room with her bright smile. She inspires others with her approach to balancing a busy life. Her blog quickly has become one of my favorites and her children’s boutique gives me the baby itch! Y’all these are two must see sites.


Natasha grew up inspired by her mother who balanced motherhood and working in the corporate world. She remembers her mom travelling when she was younger for work but yet she did not miss a thing! It is so important to all of us as children to know our parents are there seeing us through our milestones both big and small. Natasha learned from her mom as well as through her own life experience that “you can have it all but you have to find balance”. Natasha’s mom helped shape her into this hardworking, go-getter, positive gal that finds inspiration around her! Natasha has overcome challenges, as all of us do, but she does not sulk over them. Her mom has constantly encouraged and applauded her as she has accomplished her goals. Natasha remembers once how excited her mom was for her when she accepted an advertising and marketing internship in New York City during college. This internship she says “taught me so much and I loved it”. Success for Natasha means continuing to grow, evolve, and be different. She wants her girls to be proud of her as well as those closest to her. Family is one of the most important things to Natasha. “Sacrifice, working hard, reminding my girls that I love them, giving my daughters constant affirmation and creating quality family time” are key.

Winston Churchill once said “The most beautiful voice in the world is that of an educated Southern woman”. In 2008, Natasha started her lifestyle blog, Hello! Happiness,  as an online diary, creative outlet, and a place to celebrate all things happy! This blog has gone from a hobby to a business through sponsorships and successful collaborations. Her readers have grown with her and followed her wedding planning, buying a home, decorating nurseries, motherhood, and starting her own business venture. She lovingly named her children’s boutique, Sugar Bit, after two things she says to her daughters “give me sugar” and “lil’ bit”.  Sugar Bit, the online children’s boutique, launched in 2013 and Natasha devotes herself to it full-time. This colorful online boutique is full of classic and trendy pieces. On her site she says Sugar Bit is known for “making the world a little more charming, one outfit at a time”. The boutique carries children’s and tween sizes from 0-14 with over 50 well-known designer brands. Natasha’s daughters are great at modeling clothing as well as her friends kids. She works with her friend, Alli Golden Photography, to help her photograph and feature items on her boutique site and on the blog. When you order from Sugar Bit you also get a piece of southern hospitality. Inside each order Natasha includes a personalized handwritten note. This is one of her ways of staying personal and keeping things fresh. One of the business challenges she has faced is having strangers tell her that she will not succeed but she has always pushed forward with her vision. She says “people can say mean things but I have enough confidence to prove them wrong”. Natasha would rather fail than ask herself ‘what if’.  “Take one day at a time. Don’t take no for an answer. Prove them wrong”. Wise words spoken by Natashadsc_0103

So how does this full-time mom, blogger, and small business owner do it all? TO DO LISTS! To-do lists are a must for her. The day we were meeting with Natasha some items on her list were decorating cupcakes for her daughter’s class, doing inventory for Sugar Bit, finishing a blog post, cooking dinner, playdate, and the list went on. We laughed about how as women we tend to keep our plates full and are high functioning at it all. Natasha decompresses and finds balance by working out and making sure she gets quality time with her family. She says that quality time is her love language. Natasha likes working, being creative, and contributing to her family! Through this work ethic and focus on family she also gets to teach her daughters a life lesson as a woman. Natasha is a daily example to her daughters to not be afraid to go after your dreams and  to create boundaries. As Proverbs 31:25 says “she is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future”.



B. Perdy Tip from Natasha Stoneking: What style trends are big with women one year will then be style trends with children the following year.


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