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Add Some Zest To Your Life

“In bad times and in good, I have never lost my sense of zest for life.”- Walt Disney

Imagine getting a beautiful box delivered to your doorstep thoughtfully planned for you. As you open the box it is tied together with a seasonal theme. Each item inside bettering yourself in mind, body, and spirit with a beautiful scripture verse and every detail of the box perfectly placed. Well this vision became a reality for Crystal Rudiger in January 2016 when she sent out her first shipment of Be Zestful boxes. Crystal packages each box with love, thought, and care to truly make someone else’s day and lifestyle better.

Crystal has made a career out of helping others through nutrition. She had her own practice as a consulting dietician and then she began working with RISE when it started. RISE is a medical nutritional app that allows Crystal to help clients on a daily basis by rating their meals and suggesting changes. As a nutritionist she is always researching and further educating herself. She loves the accountability of the RISE app provides nutritionally with clients that are trying to lose weight, pregnant, marathon training, and breastfeeding.  Crystal said “I like finding the latest  research and applying it correctly”.

As a mother of two boys and a daughter when Crystal moved to Tennessee from Colorado she decided to try essential oils. She learned about essential oils from her friend and then educated herself about the oils. Crystal’s youngest has eczema as well as food allergies. Crystal uses essential oils which she says have “made a big impact with my family” she also believes a good probiotic helps everyone with their gut health.  With the research of essential oils and her practicing background in nutrition these became stepping stones to the idea of her company, Be Zestful.

Zest means “great enthusiasm and energy”. Who doesn’t want a little more energy? I think we all do! Crystal definitely has it and inspires people around her daily. Crystal came up with the idea of Be Zestful and the name  came very easily to her once she found citrus wedge images on Etsy. Crystal enjoys giving gifts and hearing from people. She said “I like to be a resource and reason people like to use things”. This woman is truly using her God given gifts to encourage other women and mothers daily through a beautiful box. These boxes are thoroughly planned out by Crystal. She ships out the boxes quarterly to her clients. The Be Zestful boxes come with 6-8 full size items per box, a scripture verse plus a “Zestful Living Tip” which are her tips on how to use the products.  Crystal says she is a “detail person”. She has been strategic in each step from start up of her business to the current research, planning and assembling the boxes herself.

Crystal said her tip for anyone that was going to start a business was to write out a business plan. She said reading “Business Boutique was the most insightful thing I did”. Just like she helps others through research and educating herself she did the same thing starting her own company. Now this mother, business owner, and nutritionist inspires others across the US to be more healthy not just for their family but for themselves. Just as Ephesians 3:20-21 says “God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think”. If you have an idea pray over it and take a leap of faith. No matter if that is to start your own company, run a marathon, or simply just to live a healthier life style God is there. So make a change today and as the saying says “put yourself at the top of your to-do list every single day and the rest will fall into place”.

If you are interested in living a healthier lifestyle and trying new products then order a box from this passionate woman by receiving a Be Zestful box. You can buy just an individual box for $52 with shipping or quarterly for $48 per quarterly. Order a box and be inspired!



*Thank you to Rebecca M Photography for the photos!

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