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More than a Chair

Isn’t it amazing at the items that we decide to hold onto when a loved one passes away. Sometimes these inherited items do not reflect us at all. It simply reminds us of a time, a scent, or a special person.

Julie Davis and I got a giggle out of this topic in particular. I know I have items in my home that honestly remind me of my sweet Mamaw and Grandmama but they scream another decade. These items can bring comfort to my soul. Julie has an item that does the same for her which was her Grandfather’s chair. She has memories of him sitting in this certain chair relaxing. After he passed away Julie adopted this chair making a new home for it in her own home. This chair doesn’t reflect Julie’s style but it brings the same comfort that it brought her Grandfather. Julie loves sitting and reading in this chair. When she is not in her old, cozy chair reading a book you can find Julie at her desk in a more trendy chair.

Julie’s Grandfather’s chair

Julie recently purchased the Ghost Chair that sits at her desk which her son loves as well. In her words it is “it is both fashionable and functional”. Ghost Chairs are modern, sleek and sturdy that can be used in any spot of the home. From the kitchen to the living room to a bedroom this chair can add personality and a unique twist to any room as it can catch beautiful light in any room. These chairs are like a name brand purse you can buy them real or as a knock off. What is the difference you ask? Well a few things. The “Real Ghost Chair” which is a little more pricey is made of polycarbonate which is chip resistant but not scratch resistant. The polycarbonate can be less clear and there is a possibility it will yellow over a period of time. The “Knock Off Ghost Chair” is less expensive and made of acrylic which makes it scratch resistant but it can chip. The acrylic though is more clear and will not yellow over time. Both chairs have their pros and cons. If you have plans to purchase one decide on what is more important to you and the busyness of your space. It is so easy for all of us to fill our homes with items that don’t reflect who we are but it is pieces like both of these that may be so simple but reflect who we are, how we live, and where we come from.

Here are some other pictures of Ghost Chairs via Pinterest and how to incorporate them into a space.

Picture Credit: Various Pinterest pictures of utilizing Ghost Chairs in your home.

I love these Pinterest ideas with the Ghost Chairs because they can be highlighted in different ways. My sister-in-law just purchased 4 ghost bar stools for her new kitchen and she adores them.  I love the textures you can mix, allowing it to pick up tones from a deeper paint color, and keeping a room simple and clean. What would you do with these chairs? How would you utilize this style in your home?



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