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“I ain’t never been nothing but a winner”, quoted from the legendary football coach, Bear Bryant. Keep your head in the game, and stay the course. You got this!

Words here, words there, words everywhere. In a world where everyone has something to say about literally everything, a vibrant redhead from Alabama, has words to say that need to be heard above it all. Her words are full of truth and compassion. She speaks her mind but ultimately speaks from her heart.

The blogger behind Julie Davis – The Good Day Girl, is the dynamic and intelligent Julie Davis. Full of spirit and laughs, Julie fills not only pages with words but life with energy. Her love for Jesus, her son, her sports, her friends and her readers lifts and renews her soul. This girl aims high and scores!


I love a gal that can speak the truth that our desperate ears need to hear. Truths that at the end of the day, you are loved by Jesus and YOU are amazing. Just as you are. Here is an excerpt Julie wrote on her blog titled,  It’s Time to Break Out the Red Pen. She talks about how as women we should take a step and literally edit all the roles and responsibilities we tackle on. We are not very good at taking things off our already overflowing plates, we just continue to stack more on. Take a look from Julie’s article…

But most importantly, only you can be you. The editing process makes for better words; it can also make for better lives. We as women, often unintentionally, add on so much to ourselves. The problem is we often forget to take off those added layers, bringing so much overwhelm and exhaustion into our lives. Editing allows us to be ourselves. Our lives will make more sense. We will make fewer errors. We will flow smoother from our hours to our days to our months and to our years. We will avoid the overwhelm. We will stay the course. Get out the red pen…it’s editing day.

Julie seeks God first and tries to follow his path that he has set for her. For her life she is consistency trying to find harmony and be present. What does this look like for each one of us? If we all took a moment and tried to “edit” our lives, could we find that peace. The key though, is we have to do it guilt free. Why is that soo hard for women?!

There is so much we can learn from one another. The experiences that we all walk through shape us so that we can help someone else. Julie shared that one of her biggest life learnings has been that when God gives you a message, you need to share it in whatever format possible. It is amazing to see and read Julie’s blog Julie Davis – The Good Day Girl, and how Julie speaks through love and truth each time she writes. As she says, “words are my jam”!

XO, Carrie



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