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Share Some Love

I have the best of intentions. If you only knew what went through my head each and every day you would be SO impressed! Seriously! However, in actuality, many of those great ideas never come to pass. I get too distracted and busy, and run out of steam and energy to make it come to life.

It is a new day and a new month! For the month of February, I’m going try to be more intentional and share some of those love ideas. A dear B. Perdy fave, Julia Stevens, gave me a great idea she is doing for her kids. Each day this month, she will write a sweet note about why each of her boys is special, and put it on their bedroom doors. I love it! I’m inspired, and going do this one too!

What are some ways you are loving on those close to you? Share them with us!

XO, Carrie

2 thoughts on “Share Some Love”

  1. I’m big on random acts of kindness and try to share them with others as much as I can. 🙂 A couple weeks ago, I found a suggestion online that I put into action for my hubby: simply washing his car and/or filling the gas tank, while also leaving his favorite candy on his dashboard for him to find on the way to work the next morning. It was a hit! I love making people smile with “the little things”, and hope all of you find value in this fun suggestion as well! Have a great day!


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