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Trip to the Flea

“Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story” says, designer, Erin Flett. Everyone loves finding a good steal. So where else does someone go to find a good thrill and steal than the Flea Market!  If you didn’t see it on Instagram-  B. Perdy went to The Nashville Flea Market. The next Nashville Flea Market will take place on February 24th-26th. Go check this one out or the one closest to you where you live!

Here are some quick tips for shopping at the flea or any place you will need to dig (estate sales, garage sales, etc):

  • Make a list of what you specifically need to help you stay at the hunt on hand and not get overwhelmed.
  • Arrive early to find the best selection. Best day to shop is the first day it is open. You can go anytime but that first hour or two on the first day is the prime time to shop.
  • Take a trailer/truck to haul your large items and also take something to carry your smaller items in like a canvas bag, tote, wagon, etc.
  • Shop for the unique items. You will see anything and everything for sale at the flea. Candy to socks;  Fur to rugs; Furniture to sleeping bags; Toys to clothing. There is an endless amount of stuff. So look for the unique items and have your list ready!
  • Be patient and stay focused.

Melissa Lewis’, Found Interiors Owner, Designer Tip: “Buy your favorite piece even if it is a little more expensive then buy less expensive items in other areas like on the trendy pieces.”

Here is a quick glance of some amazing pieces we found with great prices too.

Light fixtures ranging from $195-$295. This find got me so excited! Loved everything in this tent and the prices were awesome.


Amazing Kitchen or Dining Room Tables

Succulent plants varying prices, sizes, and a mix of pots. My favorite was one for $30 in a pot from Vietnam that was very sturdy. Perfect for entryways, coffee tables, side tables, mantle, part of a tablescape, or in the kitchen.


Found these recovered chairs . Only 2 of them but that would be stunning at the opposite ends of a table.


Great tabletop design pieces to work with.

Are you looking for any awesome wall hangings? The Flea had the them!

Great selection of metal letters in various sizes.


B. Perdy Tip: Don’t forget to take cash. Admission is free but parking is $5 cash only and the ATM on-site charges $4.00.

So what has been your best Flea Market find? Do you have a Flea Market shopping tip? If so, we’d love for you to share it with us. Happy Digging Y’all!




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