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As Lorelai Gilmore said in the Gilmore Girls “If eating cake is wrong, I don’t want to be right”. It is a focal point of so many special events from anniversaries, birthdays, showers, retirement, and of course weddings. Who doesn’t love a wedding cake? Cake design is so interesting to me and always seems to be a conversation starter at parties.

So a little cake history real quick that I found very interesting… wedding cakes started as a tradition back in the pre-18th century with a bread breaking over the brides head to bring good luck to the couple in Ancient Rome. Then in Medieval England cakes were stacked on top of each other and the couple would kiss over the top of the pile of cakes to symbolize wealth and success. Cakes evolved from that point and  the tradition of the “bride’s pie” came along but hidden in this pie was a ring in the middle. The guest that found the ring would be the next to marry just like the common bridal bouquet toss now. Well the idea of the bride’s pie developed into the bridal cake and then into the 17th century the groom and bride each had a cake. The bridal cake was typically larger, simple and white. The whiter the frosting was almost like a wealth status symbol too. Since then cakes have seen changes and are now more of a creative artistic centerpiece. Whenever I go to a wedding it is the focal point of the reception and personally I can’t wait to see what people pick! Will it be red velvet? Will it be classic vanilla or maybe lemon? When I spoke with Dorea Johnston, owner of Tis So Sweet Cakery, she said her top sellers are “chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lemon orange and seasonally red velvet or spice”. When I asked who she admired she mentioned two amazingly talented women Rebekah Naomi and Jessica Harris. These women’s cakes are truly beautiful pieces of art!

I recently read that for 2017 there are some new trends for cakes such as monogrammed, naked, tall, metallic toned, lace or floral design. I think if I could design a milestone birthday or anniversary cake right now I’d be leaning toward the trend of the gold toned metallic chocolate cake with a caramel filling inside for a fall/winter or lemon orange sounds divine for a spring/summer too. Yummy!

I went to a beautiful outdoor wedding back in October and loved this vanilla almond cake. It was a naked cake design and was done beautifully by Elizabeth Keese owner of the The Plum Peacock. This simply elegant cake was accented with flowers and a beautiful gold monogram on top which gave it an extra pop! (Photo credit: Kaitlyn with George Street Photography)

Photo Credit: George Street Photography and Cake Credit: The Plum Peacock

Tis So Sweet Cakery has some amazing cakes that she has done fitting some of these new trends as well. She loves to take on the new challenge of a couples fresh idea while adding her own clean lines to it.

Tis So Sweet: Lace Detail

Lace Detail- 3 tiered wedding cake with a unique dome top tier with edible lace detail accented with edible pearls and hand crafted sugar flowers to accent.

Tis So Sweet: Tall Cake with Silver Accent

Tall Cakes- This 5 tiered cake is a show stopper! From top to bottom this cake has silver accents topped with a silver initial.

Tis So Sweet: Gold Metallic Accent

Metallic Detail- This beautiful cake is accented with hand crafted flowers and gold accents.

Tis So Sweet: Tall and Floral Designed Cake

Floral Designed Cake- This 8 tier cake had 4 tiers that were iced smooth with piped Swiss dots and another 4 tiers with piped buttercream rosettes accented with cascading flowers.

So who’s getting ready for a big event or wedding? Now I have the itch to get my hair and makeup done, wear a pretty dress with some awesome pumps and go to a fun party. Happy planning and cake eating y’all!



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