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Don’t Ditch Those Resolutions

On Tuesday I was driving to a doctor appointment and heard WKDF mention that it was “Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day”. It got me thinking of my own resolutions this year. One of them is to get healthy. After my latest scare of my cancer coming back it really snapped me back into a “get healthy” mindset. I want to get past my own mental block. At the very beginning of 2017 I bought new pair of Nike shoes and with each milestone I will continue to treat myself to something I love!

img_0515(B. Perdy Tip: Best time of year to buy athletic shoes are January and April/May.)

I learned the hard way that the pancreas is not an easy organ to mess with and not forgiving. After my surgeries in February 2012 and January 2013, it was hard bouncing back and eating normal. Every time I ate I would have a pancreatitis flare up at the drop of a hat. Finally after several bouts with this in 2012 along with rapid weight loss my doctor decided that TPN for a month was the best resolution. It worked too for about 4 months.  After that I had to be prescribed some digestive enzymes for a while to help my body adjust to eating again. Then around Thanksgiving of 2012, the pain returned which then resulted in another surgery and a little bit more of my pancreas removed. I remember on my 30th birthday sitting there thinking “I can’t believe I can’t celebrate my 30th birthday with a cake” mainly because I could not eat what I wanted and definitely could not have a cake- and I love cake! So fast forward a little bit- after losing a little more than 60lbs back when I was sick to now I need to lose weight again. I gained back the amount I needed to plus some more because I could actually eat most foods again!

I have learned how strong emotionally and spiritually that I am and have confidence in who I am. My one insecurity though is still not being comfortable with my figure. I may hide my insecurity with a joke but I seriously have had a mental block and it has been a hard one to overcome. Before my cancer, I worked out 1-2 hours 5 days a week. I loved my spin classes. Once I got sick I stopped the work outs. Every time I tried to start back I would overdue it and injure myself. That is when the mental block started  and since then I have been trying to break it which seems to be the hardest part. This January I decided this is my year- I’m going to be patient with myself and my progress but stay consistent. I want to eat cleaner and make exercising a daily part of my life again just as a lifestyle change especially after the scare I had with my last annual scan.


I have decided I will treat myself with each milestone I hit and celebrate it. I plan to do the  first 10lbs I’m down have a mani/pedi, 2nd 10lbs down a new Lululemon piece, etc. I don’t have a certain size I want to be or a magical number to appear on the scale but instead feel confident in my clothing. There are a few women in my community here in the Nashville area and back in my hometown of Knoxville that inspire me fitness and health wise with their knowledge and enthusiasm. All of them are mothers and are passionate, work hard but also are helping others too with their goals and keeping them motivated. My tip…No matter what your resolutions are this year stay patient, do it for yourself, and don’t give up on them! If you break it one day then give yourself a break and start fresh from that moment on.

So here are some Lululemon items I’m loving and hope to have in my closet once I hit that milestone and my new shoes that I kicked off 2017 with are in the Nike link (in the first paragraph). As Gymaholic says “You win some, you lose some. The key is stay focused no matter what”.





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