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Let Them Eat Cake

Who doesn’t love a party?! Oh my goodness, one of my favorite things is getting together with those I love most and celebrating. One of best quotes ever is from the incredible Julia Child, “a party without cake is just a meeting”. So true Julia, so true…

Years ago I took a series of cake decorating classes from a well known local baker. For 6 weeks, I was taught all about frosting, couplers, piping bags, different tips, knives etc. I could go on and on. Each class I would bring in a fresh cake and practice all different ways to decorate it. I really enjoyed that class and learned so much. I took my skills to my own kitchen and was able to whip out some great birthday party cakes. I made a Lightening McQueen, a 3-tier monster truck cake, a 3-D shark cake and countless cupcakes for my son’s birthday cakes. Sadly, in the past four years, since my daughter was born, I haven’t made a cake like that. It takes so much time and is so much work to produce those creations. I still love those kinds of cake, I just pay for them now. Ha!

There is a lovely lady that calls herself a baker but I would call her an artist. She decorates cakes to represent her clients hopes and dreams. Her works are edible masterpieces and are always the focal point at any function where they are on display. This artist’s name is Dorea Johnston, and she is the owner of ‘Tis So Sweet Cakery.


In 2008, Dorea left her job to focus on this idea she had that meant more to her than just a hobby. Baking was her therapy and creative outlet. She took Wilton decorating classes and simply just practiced a lot to sharpen her skills. Dorea’s family and friends quite enjoyed that part! This labor of love began by making cake pops and has grown into a thriving business today. Dorea transformed her screened in back porch of her home into a state licensed and inspected operation for ‘Tis So Sweet’s. In this new kitchen, she has named each of her mixers, Baby Girl, Big Momma and Papa Bart. But, this mom of two, left Baby Girl for her daughter to use. So sweet! As Dorea says, “I put all of myself into what I do and every cake is special”.

Dorea loves to sit down with an engaged couple and plan their wedding cake. There is so much excitement in creating something new while keeping her client’s vision first in her mind. This artist loves the design part of ‘Tis So Sweet just as much as she loves the baking aspect. Dorea cares about each and every customer she works with, and every cake is designed specifically to what her clients concept is for their special event. I will never forget the day we sat down with the bakers who made my wedding cake. It was the best ever, seriously so fun! Y’all know I love some food, but sitting down to a table completely covered with enormous slices of cake was a dream come true. It was great!!

This baker enjoys not only decorating wedding cakes but cakes for all celebrations! Whether it is for a baby shower, a child’s birthday or an anniversary, Dorea puts her heart into everything that comes out of her kitchen. Every cake will be nothing short of amazing. Dorea is as sweet as her beautiful creations that she shares with the world. For the next party you plan, call ‘Tis So Sweet Cakery. You will be so glad you did, and so will your guests!


XO, Carrie


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