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Oh The Places You’ll Go

I first moved to Nashville in 2005 after getting married. It was then my husband and I started trying to find our church home and visited Clearview Baptist at the time. I remember that is where I first met Rachel Lackey. From there Rachel and I would also see each other every week at Prairie Life Fitness in group fitness classes over a period of several years. This adventurous, beautiful and bubbly woman is so amazing and can put a smile on anyone’s face. To know her is to love her in my opinion! She is a lover of rapper Pitbull’s music when getting in a great cardio workout and just needs a curling iron, bathing suit and  flip-flops to take off to her next venture. Rachel Lackey is a mom of two kids, a wife, a fitness instructor of Barreamped, and a Leisure Travel Expert.


This long-time local wants to do things and go places she enjoys. She loves planning all inclusive leisure trips for others. Rachel became an agent right before her and her husband went to Cabo for their ten year wedding anniversary. “It was four years ago, Mila was two and a half years old and Mason was four years old when I started. Each year snowballs organically” she said. Business comes to Rachel in the form of referrals as well as return clients. She plans vacations for families, honeymooners, empty nesters and anyone ready to make their adventurous desire a reality. Her service is fast and efficient plus her work primarily is done by email and phone calls. Rachel loves the flexibility, activity of the process and then hearing about her client’s trips which is “the icing on the cake”. She works with the client and goes by their budget. She supplies the luxury of doing the work, getting customers information of properties with videos, and allowing clients to get the most for their money.  Rachel has been to many of the resorts she books for clients but she also utilizes trusted suppliers to help her pick the best experience for her clients. This gal can plan all-inclusive trips to the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, Hawaii, Athens, Barcelona, Venice, Rome, and beyond.  (Tip you need nine months for flights and they are cheaper when first released. Disney cruise you need about year to nine months.) As Madeline Albright, American politician and diplomat, said “Explore the world with an open mind, a sturdy carry-on, and clothes that don’t wrinkle”.

Rachel says “this world is too big to go somewhere twice”. So where does this travel expert desire to go?  Well, when I asked she said “my husband wants to go to Ireland but I want to go to Mykonos or San Torini in Greece for our fifteenth wedding anniversary. Another place I would like to visit are the smaller Hawaiian islands”.  A trip her family  has taken was a  Disney cruise and she said it was great “because there are so many activities for kids plus the food is included and it is basically like going to Disney just without the rides”. Rachel said for her family “Travel is part of our budget. It is about where you put your priorities and these memories last a lifetime”. This traveling guru grew up making her father’s domestic business trips into family trips. She adores traveling and being a Luxury Travel Expert is the perfect fit for her which allows her to love what she does. Her goal is simple… grow the business and service her clients. She is constantly working on being fast and efficient plus being good at her job which she takes as priority.


Rachel does a lot between family, work and instructing fitness classes. She works toward creating a balance by setting office hours, making the most of her time and being more efficient. She admitted these things were a struggle sometimes but she keeps working towards improving upon them. She also has made her office into a space that has become one of her most favorite rooms in her house. She described it as “cute and my own space”. Her advice to others in any stage of life is “Hang on it gets better. The people you meet build upon each other and your experiences. It is all meant to be”.  She also is a believer that people that take time to travel will stay younger longer. As Oscar Wilde, an Irish poet, said “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist”. Make sure you take time for the things you love, love the people you do things with, and be adventurous just like Rachel Lackey! Don’t let life pass you by.



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