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Take Time for Yourself

My life lately has been crazy with a big unknown hanging above me plus my son has been sleepwalking which has had me very sleep deprived. Back in 2012, I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 29. I had a neuroendocrine tumor in the tail of my pancreas which lead to about half my pancreas and my whole spleen being removed. Well this past June at my annual follow up appointment my doctor saw something abnormal in my liver and decided to rescan me in 6 months. The clock slowly ticked for that final month. I have full faith in my surgical oncologist as well as God but still experienced that fear and stress. I just felt the extra weight I was carrying, the questions flooding in my mind but thankfully Scripture verses that ground me would pop up around me when I needed it. Finally Tuesday came and I was so happy to be there prepping for my scan knowing answers were getting closer. I was prepared to hear that cancer had come back and that it was now in my liver. I was ready to face treatment and surgery. I knew no matter what was before me that God had a plan for me. I was nervous but in an unexplainable way I had a sense of peace with what the outcome could be because I have faith God has me in the palm of His hands. Well… my doctor came in my patient room after waiting and waiting for my results and he said “all is normal but we will do annual scan for at least five more years”. I felt I could take a deep breath but still I needed some time to let it soak in and process. Every day I look for a place to rejuvenate in some way and this week I definitely needed it and thankful to have it.

We all have chaos in our lives and need a place to renew our soul, refresh our spirit,  and set our mind straight again.  My spot in my house ideally is my porch but with kids and the weather it is any place I can find silence. In silence I can focus and sadly as a mom sometimes that place is my closet. Ha! When the weather is right though my tranquil place in my home is my porch but during these winter months I tend to love any place I find that peace and warmth. When I spoke with Misty Woodford she mentioned her favorite spot was her screened in porch. All of our spots in our home may be in different places but here are some tips to help you create or enhance a place to rejuvenate…

  1. Calming Color Scheme- I’ve always loved color and really felt colors impacted how I feel. These colors could be used interior or exterior and on furniture, ceilings or walls. Elle Decor wrote about color trends for 2017 and some of the comfort colors mentioned Gentle Aquamarine by Sherwin Williams, Mixed Fruit by Benjamin Moore, and Gold Hearted by Behr. Other colors I found by Sherwin Williams that I though were beautiful were Animated Coral, Gray Screen, Evening Shadow, Pink Shadow, Mountain Air and Poolhouse to name a few.
  2. Declutter- Clear your area allowing yourself to retreat from the pile of papers, bills, work and mail. Create a spot to retreat.
  3. Comfortable items like pillows, blankets, soothing art on the wall, poufs, candles, and/or a great chair.
  4. Add great reading material, journals, yoga mat or sketch pads. If you need some reading ideas Reese Weatherspoon’s Book Club (#RWbookclub) is already two books into this new year with The Wonder by Emma Donoghue and The Dry by Jane Harper.

Do something for yourself each day. Allow yourself to take a moment for yourself. Reevaluate your goals, get a plan for your day, read a devotional, meditate, sip a glass of coffee/tea… You don’t need a big space just a place in your home where you have some time before the rest of the house wakes up or after everyone has fallen asleep. Like I said I love my porch- the woods behind my house and the outdoor fireplace just allows me to escape for a bit or during the chilly winter months I love sitting in my master bedroom because it is warm and calming with the soft natural tones and gold accents. As women we do a lot for others being moms, friends, wives, and businesswomen but we can’t forget to take care of ourselves by nurturing our soul, spirit, body and mind.img_6655



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