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Life…Organized Chaos

Some people have so much going on in their lives and keep their heads held high while other people wonder to themselves how do they do it all. Misty Woodford is one of those people doing it all! She is a wife, mother, a caretaker to her grandmother, real estate broker with Benchmark Realty, and a blogger- 2 Kids, A Dog and Along Came Grandma. She referred to her life as “organized chaos” and she is a firm believer that “everything happens for a reason” in life.


Misty is from Mayfield, Kentucky and moved to Franklin in 2000 to become a Store Manager at Kroger. Once she got married and started having children she decided to stay at home and then she went back to work once her little ones got a little older. In 2007, when she went back to work she decided to become a Real Estate Broker in Tennessee. Real Estate came natural to her as she literally learned to walk in her grandparents’ real estate office. She has been surrounded by it her whole life as a third generation realtor. She said she does about 60% of her business in Williamson County but has also worked in Davidson, Maury, and Marshall Counties. In 2016, half the houses sold were not even on market yet! Her tip was for anyone looking or selling a home was “to be prepared by knowing what you need and understanding your personal limitations”.  Her goal is to simply “finish well” in life. She said “I never dreamed I would have what I have today. I have a great marriage and healthy kids”. She then recalled her goal back in High School “I remember thinking ‘one of these days I will have enough money to buy a $250,000 house'”. This multitasking woman definitely has more dreams but I think the lesson is she is content with the simple things in life. She is satisfied with what she has, healthy kids, solid marriage, and fulfilling what God has in store for her and her family. She has seen the bigger picture of life thru personal experiences which has kept her grounded.

Misty’s mother passed away suddenly a few years ago and when I say suddenly I mean one of those life moments that takes your breath away. Her mother had the flu, ended up in the hospital and 24 hours later Misty’s mother had passed away. With the change of her mother no longer being here she gained a new responsibility… her Grandmother. Her Grandmother was able to live for about 15 months alone but then it became clear she could no longer live on her own due to suffering from dementia as well as diabetes. It was clear to Misty and her family that she needed to come live with them. So now her 83 year old Grandmother lives with them which led to her beginning Two Kids, A Dog and Along Came Grandma.  Misty started this blog about their family’s changes and new found chaos. With all this happening in her life I thought to myself- how does she find daily balance? Well, balance for this busy lady is waking up at 4:45am to have “me” time before the rest of the house wakes up, lots of planning, working around everyone’s life schedules, prepping meals ahead of time that are clean, being overly organized, and decompressing at night with a book. In her own home, Misty likes to retreat to her screened in porch where she likes to enjoy a glass of coffee or wine. This amazing woman that balances a lot reminds me of a quote by K.P. “Always be humble, willing, open-minded and very patient”.

This woman is very real- she is an awesome mom to her son and daughter, a wife, does carpool, fixes meals, cares for her aging Grandmother, takes care of the house, does laundry, works full-time, and more. She doesn’t always make the chaos sound easy through her blog. She is honest that at times it is emotionally hard or tiring but her heart and mind are open to learn from the journey God has laid before her family. She studies different verses weekly and knows life isn’t all about her but lives to help others. This woman is an example of serving others and as it says in 1 Peter 4:10 “As each has received a gift use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied Grace”. Misty is one that truly uses her gifts, sets her daily priorities, gets her mind in the right place, keeps her head up and gets stuff done!







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