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Nutcracker Party on a $150 Budget

William Shakespeare said “A star danced, and under that was I born”. This quote reminds me of Lily Hollis, Susan Hollis’ daughter. Lily is an amazing dancer but her heart for it truly is mesmerizing. She is in her element when she is dancing and God speaks through her when she dances. Carrie and I were asked to organize an 11th birthday party for this special girl on her Gotcha Day! Her request was to do a scavenger hunt party and either have a red velvet cake or chocolate cake but the rest was up to us. Susan gave us a budget of $150 for this party and wanted to host the party at their home for the 15 guests. So from there Carrie and I started to brainstorm, plan and shop.

Dance is a BIG part of Lily’s life and since this amazing Ann Carroll School of Dance Ruby was in The Nutcracker as a soldier, we thought this was a wonderful way to feature her love. The party planning was in full gear for a Nutcracker Scavenger Hunt. On a budget of $150 to cover everything we needed to prioritize and get creative with what we had so we utilized Christmas décor, Christmas platters we already owned and then went shopping from there. We broke the kids up into 3 teams and they collected a Nutcracker themed ornament and at each spot they found a new clue. We had soldiers, fairies, house, tree, mice, nutcrackers, ballet slippers, etc. These beautiful ornaments also served as party favors at the end of the party for the kids. One of the card clues led them to a beautiful spot in the Hollis’ yard where they created candy goodie bags also one of the party favors. The kids had a great time during the scavenger hunt and at the end they took group photos then headed inside for treats!


For the food we decided to let the cake be the focal point. We ordered an amazing red velvet cake from Merridee’s Breadbasket and also had brownies for the kids that preferred just chocolate. Another hit was a chocolate bar with all of Lily’s favorites like mini chocolate chips, whip cream, big and small marshmallows and M&M’s. All the kids kept coming back for second, third and fourth helpings! We priced out our food carefully the week of the party comparing Kroger, Walmart and Target for the best deals on items.

Due to having a birthday around Thanksgiving, Susan said they haven’t done a big birthday party before for Lily. She was so glad they were able to do it this year though. Lily had the best time, which thrilled us! One of the party guests told us, “it was the best party”! The kids enjoyed eating, doing the scavenger hunt and dancing! The whole party was filled with the kids laughter. These amazing friends helped Lily celebrate her day just as she wanted, and it was so special.



Budget for the Nutcracker Scavenger Hunt $150.00

B. Perdy spent $149.92

$40.36 at Merridee’s Breadbasket- red velvet cake

$55.57 at Walmart- hot chocolate, marshmallows (big and small), crackers, cheese, whip cream, chips, mini chocolate chips

$3.00 at Dollar Tree- photo booth props and soldiers

$42.66 at Hobby Lobby (50% off sale)- ornaments, décor pieces

$9.33 at Target- M&Ms




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