Beauty In & Out, For The Home

Simply Silhouttes


Silhouette art has been around since the Seven Year War and named after Etienne de Shilhouette. Silhouettes are defined as “the dark shape and outline of someone or something visible against a lighter background, especially in dim light” and back in the 1700s it was popular due to it being more cost effective than paintings. This form of art has so much history and has been used in so many forms over centuries. It has been loved by royal and upper class families, presidents, actor/actresses, photographers, and just ordinary people capturing simple beauty in someone or something.

Silhouettes make me think traditional and simple art with exposed details like hairstyles. I remember seeing silhouettes pictures as a child and have great appreciation for them now. These traditional pieces of art mesh great with rustic or modern looks. They are so easy to mold to anyone’s design style. I remember seeing in a magazine different ways silhouettes were used like on plates, wallpaper, clothing, jewelry, and in collage art form. It was so interesting to see how versatile this form of art was. When I was in Wren Anderson’s home one the first things I noticed when I sat down was her take on silhouettes. The creative and artistic Southern gal came up with this idea to have her kids silhouettes’ done in metal and put on barn wood. It turned out to be such a beautiful way to display them all together outside of the traditional black and white silhouette cut outs. I absolutely loved this new take on a traditional artistic piece.

Each of the amazing women we have spoken with has had great taste and they all inspire me… especially design wise. When decorating never be scared to try something new or something you haven’t seen before. I have talked with friends before that are nervous to mix old with new or modern with rustic. I think the best way to try mixing them is literally to play with the décor. So go put a spin on something traditional, mix your antiques with your modern décor or think outside the box. Love the pieces you use and be proud of them!



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