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Smile Spotters

There is a magical little fairy that sweeps into the bedrooms of children at night, and leaves gifts under pillows in exchange for the baby teeth that have fallen out. Can you guess who this fairy is? Her name is the tooth fairy, and did you know she now has a team to help her? This team of special fairies are called Smile Spotters, and they like to hang out in bathrooms to make sure children brush and floss daily. Each night, the Smile Spotters duo reports back to the tooth fairy on how well the children are taking care of their teeth. The creative mind behind these fairies is Wren Anderson, a former teacher and current stay at home mom to 3 children. Wren is captivating children with her fancy little fairies and teaching them a thing or two about good dental care.

The idea behind Smile Spotters evolved around Christmastime when Wren’s husband, Travis, thought of having an elf on the shelf kind of concept to get kids to brush their teeth at night. No one had done anything like this, so Wren started sketching ideas and writing immediately. As Wren says, “Smile Spotters isn’t just a book, it’s a brand”.  The packaging, dolls and book is whimsical and so appealing. Just the look alone of the dolls, will draw children in. My 4-year-old daughter certainly was! She took one look at the girl Smile Spotters fairy and was hooked.

Wren has designed adorable characters to make up this inventive story to help kids brush their teeth. The book itself is a 32 page hardcover storybook that is full of beautiful illustrations. The Smile Spotters girl and boy duo have blue hair with a white streak going through it, to give the look of toothpaste. Besides these good fairies there are other characters that are not so good. Sugar Bugs, cute looking bugs shaped like cupcakes that stick to children’s teeth. The yucky and smelly fairy Hal, who is shaped like an onion, that gives kids bad breath. Lastly, a bright red fairy named Ginger for gingivitis, who will make children’s gums red and puffy if they don’t brush and floss. All these characters make up Wren’s incredible concept that is Smile Spotters.

Wren graduated from the University of Tennessee (UT) with a degree in advertising and communications and got her masters in business education from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). In 2014, she decided to stop teaching high school marketing and stay at home. Wren says she always needs a project to work on, so this was the perfect time for her to launch the Smile Spotters brand. She has marketed her brand to some local toy shops like Brilliant Sky and Learning Express, and specialty shops like Sanctuary South and Shoppes on Main all in the Franklin area. Wren also has the Smile Spotters in a few dentist offices. She says how she can see this grow into a big brand for dentistry. This is such a useful tool to help kids in all facets of life, and is something that children naturally gravitate towards. Wren has so many ideas of where this can go and what it can become. In the her own words, “I want to help encourage kids to brush their teeth in a playful way”. How could these fun fairies not!

Wren has this sweet spirit and bright smile that illuminates the world around her. She is as magical as her fairies in her book Smile Spotters. To think a tiny team of characters that can get kids to brush their teeth is quite extraordinary! A smart bear named Pooh once said, “there is something you must always remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think”. Wise words for anyone following their heart and launching their dreams. Be on the look out for a Smile Spotter fairy in your bathroom soon!

xoxo, Carrie



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