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Silver Steer and Company

Nestled in the middle of a bustling Franklin area, there is a special gift shop called Silver Steer and Co. that is a real treasure. It is one of those shops that is more than a store but an experience. From the twinkling lights hanging in the windows to the smiles from the girls when you walk in, Silver Steer and Co. will captivate any and every shopper. It certainly has me, I love it!

The first time I walked into Silver Steer and Co., was right after we had moved to Franklin. Of course it was with Lindsay, but we also had our littles in tow. As you can imagine, it was a rather loud and energetic experience that no one would forget. My shopping helper that day was two years old, and just like her mom, she loves all things bright and sparkly. I found her standing in front of a mirror admiring her reflection, with bracelets up to her elbows and multiple strands of necklaces around her neck. Needless-to-say she was a happy girl. Just thinking about it makes me laugh, because the entire time we were there that day, the staff just laughed and embraced the kids with smiles and lollipops.

The owner Aimee Dodd opened Silver Steer and Co.’s doors in the summer of 2013. Not long after the store opened, Aimee met and hired Meagan Kelly, after Meagan had come in shopping for a present for her grandfather. As Silver Steer and Co. has continued to grow, Asia Carter was hired in spring of 2014. Today, this team of women are the creative souls that go into making this store amazing and unique. As quoted on their website, “heavy on the southern charm but easy on the budget”, is indeed what you can expect when you shop at Silver Steer and Co. This shop is perfect to find that special gift. Sometimes, I will walk in and not have a clue what it is I want, but with the help of Meagan and Asia, I will find that perfect present. As Meagan says, “live each day like it’s your birthday”. I couldn’t agree more, and many times when I’m in shopping for someone else, I find those fun things for myself!

Silver Steer and Co. is a local gift and home decor shop that is full of beautiful things, that are inexpensive and appealing to all budgets. Some of the items you will find are baby gifts, candles, jewelry, home decor and lots more. As Meagan and Asia describe the style of Silver Steer and Co., as “southern chic”, it is sure to check off all the items on your Christmas shopping list. Their signature items right now are crossbody bags, signature candles and Capri candles. Not only does the store feel warm and inviting, but it also smells that way. I LOVE Silver Steer and Co.’s signature scent of vanilla and amber. It is fantastic! Oh and their Christmas candle, made of amber, pomegranate, balsam and cedar is incredible too! The local candle company, Southern Firefly, created these special candles for Silver Steer and Co. two years ago. It is amazing how this candle maker started in her garage before expanding into the thriving business she has today. These candles are great gifts for Christmas and of course for other celebrations too. Besides candles, Silver Steer and Co. sells beautiful jewelry by Kendra Scott, gorgeous pieces of luggage by Jon Hart Design, adorable Mud Pie products, gifts for men, a beauty line by Skinny and Co. and so much more. This store offers such a great variety of products that is sure to please everyone’s tastes this holiday season. A wonderful option that Silver Steer and Co. offers is they will gift wrap your purchases for free. The packages are beautiful and ready to go to that special someone.

What Meagan and Asia love most about their jobs at Silver Steer and Co., is the people that walk through the doors each and every day. Interacting and chatting with their customers to help them find the perfect gift, is the true inspiration for this team. If you haven’t had a chance to visit Silver Steer and Co., go in this week and finish your Christmas shopping. I imagine you will fall in love with this store just like I have. Happy Shopping!

Silver Steer and Co is located at 539 Cool Springs Blvd. Suite 105 in Franklin, Tennessee

xoxo, Carrie




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