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This amazing red head just needs her glasses, wallet, and lip gloss to pick up and go! Amy Abbott is an independent, patient woman that has an adventurous spirit always ready for a fun-filled family trip. She is an amazing mom, wife, and woman that has learned in life to let all the little things go and simply just be joyful!

This Southern gal loves the South for the manners, friendliness and the slower pace of life. Amy grew up in West Tennessee and attended Union University where she received her Bachelors as well as Graduate Degree. She moved to Franklin in 2004 with her husband, Nathan, for his job. Then in 2009 she became a mother to two cheerful and energetic identical twin girls who are her world! Just the thought of them puts a big smile on her face and brings a funny story to her mind.  Amy started sewing when she made her girls first Easter dresses. Amy says “It all started out as a hobby and has grown from there”. Her business, My Two Girls, all started from there once she got an embroidery machine from her mother-in-law and says laughingly “I started embroidering some items which I thought were great but looking back were awful”. With this new self-taught talent she gained a following through Facebook and word of mouth. She says “I have gone through four machines and used them all till they died and in the last few years I have bought a heat press machine also. I use the extra income on trips for our family”. Amy does all of this out of her home, on her own hours and earning extra money to help make memories with her sweet family.


 When I asked what has been one of your most favorite trips she did not answer with the beach, their Alaska trip or Disney but yet with an amazing story of her and her girls for their 2016 Spring Break trip to Minnesota… yes I said it- Minnesota. Amy said she asked her fun-loving daughters where they wanted to go to for Spring Break, and their reply was Minnesota. They wanted to go there because of the Food Network Show, Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives. The girls’ favorite episode was on one in Minnesota. So Amy and the girls packed up the minivan and drove 13 hours. They stayed several nights, they ate at the DDD show spots and ordered what was on the show. In one of her daughter’s words “my dream came true”. Amy said “I’m not afraid to take them places. They will find something fun no matter where they go. They love things that are different and think outside the box. They have been to Disney and the beach but that Minnesota trip they loved”. When asked what advice would she share she quickly answered “Do things you want to do. Don’t wait on others. Don’t be afraid to pursue something new”. What great advice from someone that truly lives in the moment and is helping her daughters discover how to do the same while building amazing memories. Not many people can flip through a Southern Living magazine and pick the next vacation spot which is exactly what she did when they stayed in Beaufort, NC on a docked house boat for a week for only $350 for the whole week and got to see wild ponies and dolphins.  I could have sat for hours listening to her tell these stories of their vacations and adventures. Amy’s philosophy she said is “I’m not afraid to do things”. I think we all need a little dose of Amy’s philosophy in our own lives.


There is so much to love about Amy and she is an easy one to love as well as admire. This amazing mom of two is joyful, laid back and patient. She is talented and her spirit puts a smile on anyone’s face. I read a quote once from Henri Matisse, a French artist, “Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent, and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play” this perfectly sums up Amy.



Suggested places to visit in North Carolina by Amy:

House boat trip in Beaufort- https://www.vrbo.com/490713

Glamping in Asheville- http://www.ashevilleglamping.com/




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