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It Can Only Get Better with a Taco

 The quote, “you cannot make everyone happy…you are not a taco” is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Just thinking about it makes me laugh! This quote is the bubbly and witty, Natalie Mathews, favorite. I love it, for the truth that it speaks and the laughs that it ensues. It’s great! The joy this girl spreads is so contagious, you cannot help from smiling right along with her.

Natalie grew up in a close knit family in Memphis, Tennessee, where she was surrounded by family and friends who constantly provided encouragement and love. In particular, her mother and grandmother, who have shown Natalie compassion and strength her whole life. She was blessed to spend special time with her beloved grandmother, Nanny, while her mom worked diligently as a nurse. The way these women cared for those around them gave Natalie the foundation for her own work ethic. Lots of precious times spent together and great memories made. Natalie has a very sweet connection with Nanny, who has had so much influence in her life. This 92 year old young lady, is an enormous part of Natalie’s world. As a gal, who was close to my grandmother when she was alive, I can relate to this.

An ambitious and hard-working wife and mom of 2 little girls, Natalie is the financial manager of their family business, Mathews Team Sports. This family owned company actively works closely with schools and businesses in the area. Natalie continues to have big dreams for their company as they thrive and grow.

Our families have such an impact on each of us, and it is funny what things stick with you as you get older. Laughing, Natalie said her grandmother has always said to her “put your best face forward” and “when you fall off the horse, dust yourself off and get back up again”. Natalie aims to not let the small things in life bother and stress her, and thinking about her grandmother in those crazy times helps. It really is so true, just take a moment and breathe. You got this!

This girl, with a big heart and bright smile, makes the people in her life feel loved and special. Whether Natalie is spending warm evenings entertaining on her patio, cooking dinners together with her family or loving on a friend’s child that might need an extra hug, she loves her family and friends deeply and closely. Her approach in life is with a great sense humor and that if you eat a taco, everything will be alright. How lucky our world is to have this caring person brighten it up!


XOXO, Carrie


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