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Pillows, Pillows, Pillows

I’m obsessed with pillows! When we spoke with the amazing Caroline Walker we entered her serene and peaceful place filled with great light and beautiful silvery blue accents. What would be an ordinary space for most was inviting with a pretty sofa filled with fun decorative pillows from Pier One with amazing texture. Next to the sofa was a coffee table, or shall we say Caroline’s office desk, that was covered with papers and books. When I asked Caroline for a design tip to share she said “Be yourself and make it comfortable for you”. I love this tip! We all love ideas we see in magazines but what is important is to stay true to ourselves as well as our lifestyle.

Pillows can be tricky. Do you find yourself trying to find that right balance to fit your style? Asking yourself how many, which texture, do they all flatter each other, what prints and colors do I use, and what size pillows. I have always gone for a more balanced look when it comes to pillows and slightly firm to keep shape but after doing research there is somewhat of a strategy behind it. For the standard throw pillow 18” is a good size but if you have a low back couch try something around 16”. For that cozy feel try pillows on the larger side so something like 24”. I like to mix up my pillows from season to season but I typically have 3-5 pillows on my couch and one in each of my chairs.  Here is an easy to read link with things to consider

My Favorite Pillow Holiday Find:

I go in Silver Steer and Company in Cool Springs very often and typically can’t make it out of there without buying something I love. Right now, they have some great holiday pillows. If you are on the hunt for any they definitely have some great options! They have different shapes, colors, textures and the price range is affordable ($20-$45). These would be great as a gift or for yourself to spruce up your holiday décor in your own home. Don’t forget they do free gift wrapping as well and are open 7 days a week.

* For more on Silver Steer and Company their website is

Happy Shopping,


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