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Discovering Life Purpose

Do you know that feeling that you get around some people and just their presence alone makes you happy? That is the feeling you get being in the same room as Caroline Walker… actually just thinking of her makes you smile. She has an infectious personality with such beauty and grace but truly has an educator’s heart in a corporate world. In her words “Your essence is who you are not your job title”. She attended the University of Tennessee- Knoxville with hopes to be an elementary school teacher but changed her major three times and now she is so far from where she ever anticipated.

Caroline travels weekly as a Regional Education Executive at Philosophy where she is one of only six in the company serving in that role. One of her favorite parts of her position is preparing and presenting seminars teaching life skills. Her last seminar was on “Discovering Life Purpose” which she has an amazing picture that she took as she stood looking up at the Empire State Building giving thanks to God for the opportunity to be able to present this important life discovery to people she respects and loves. When we asked her what was her favorite Philosophy product she quickly told us about Purity Made Simple. This cleanser is an Allure Reader’s Choice Award which is a cleanser that she said makes you feel like you just left the spa. She loves working for a company that inspires and creates confidence in others on a daily basis. Caroline can make you smile and laugh, yet gives you this power and confidence making you realize that within yourself that you can do anything!

This energetic and inspirational woman starts her days waking up either in a boutique hotel or in her cozy and peaceful place in Franklin with lemon water while having self-development time. During this time she does a scripture study and motivational reading for about an hour or maybe longer on the weekends. As Jim Rohn says “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job”. She believes that everyone could use just fifteen minutes before starting their day to nourish their own soul like we nourish our bodies. She has a goal sheet with quotes to help her stay focused. Caroline said we should all determine our own day before others determine our day for us. Tony Robbins one of her favorites says “where focus goes, energy flows” and that is so true!

Caroline is such an inspiring woman as she tries to help others see their own value but her life hero is Mother Teresa for her purity of heart. She quoted Mother Teresa saying “If I ever become a Saint- I will surely be one of ‘darkness’. I will continually be absent from heaven- to light the light of those in darkness on earth”.  Sometimes our biggest obstacle is ourselves… just believing in our self. Caroline’s advice is “Believe in yourself as well as your ability, follow your gut, have confidence and the courage to act. Basically, teach yourself to visualize then go make it happen. The world truly is our oyster”. As Mark Twain said – “The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”.

Caroline has travelled all over and especially loves the South for its heart and culture. She can go from city to city dressed in a fabulous outfit from Nordstrom to being settled back in Franklin enjoying time with family wearing her visor and LuLuLemon pants. Caroline loves spending down time with her family as she comes from a large family that is very close. She loves being an aunt and having her nieces and nephews over for sleepovers watching movies, playing with makeup, painting nails, doing scripture studies, baking chocolate chip cookies and prayers before bed which she finds so special. She treasures all life moments but the ones with family she truly doesn’t take a minute for granted.

Caroline is a vibrant force going into the world each day educating women on being the best version of themselves. Sometimes God may have a plan for us that we never imagined – with or without the family we dreamed of, with or without that job we wanted- but we should always have a heart of gratitude and be open to follow the path that God has laid in front of us. God’s plan is a bigger and better plan than we can ever imagine.




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